Triberger Wasserfälle

The Triberg waterfalls near Triberg in the Black Forest are among the highest and most famous waterfalls in Germany with a total drop of 163 meters. After the Gutach has formed from the streams of the many hollow valleys of the Schönwalder plateau, it plunges over mighty granite steps into a wooded basin that opens directly into the center of Triberg. The Triberg waterfalls are divided into two cascade groups: The upper falls with three main levels fall from 872 m to 856 m above sea level. After a steep stream section, the well-known seven-stage main falls follow, which rise from about 805 m to 713 m above sea level on a running distance of approx. 230 meters. 

On partly well-developed, asphalted paths with two wooden bridges, you can hike the varied falls. They are illuminated until 10:00 p.m., some of them can be walked on even in winter and are a special sight when the falls are icy.

The waterfalls have five entrances: in the city center directly on the B 500, on Bergsee, on Scheffelplatz, on Adelheid and behind the Asklepios Clinic. (Source: Wikipedia)