Obernai / Elsass (F)

Obernai is a commune in the Bas-Rhin department in the Grand Est region (until 2015 Alsace) in France. The municipality is located in the arrondissement of Sélestat-Erstein. The name comes (as with the neighboring Niedernai) from the location on the Vosges river and Ill river Ehn. The residents of Obernai and the surrounding area call the place Ewer’nahn, but other Alsatian names such as Ewer’nah, Ower’nah, Ower’nahn or (in Strasbourg) Ower’näh are known. The nickname for the residents is Zanefbieche (German “Senfbäuche”). Up until the end of the Thirty Years War, Oberehnheim was an independent imperial city in the Holy Roman Empire, which is reflected in the local coat of arms. (Source: Wikipedia)